Designed for both homeowners and travelers, myhabi is a platform to help people manage and rent their properties and to connect home owners with renters.

For homeowners, the property may be your primary home, a vacation home, the home of elderly parents, or a rental property.

We've designed the myhabi platform around fair pricing and transparency.
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Invite potential guests and manage your rental calendar in a platform based on fair pricing and privacy.

Manage your home, a vacation home, the home of elderly parents, or a rental property.

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Stay at a house, booked through an invitation-based platform focused on fair pricing.

Have fun without overpaying!

Our Story

myhabi grew out of frustration with the big players in the home rental market.

  • Why were repeat renters charged exhorbitant fees?
  • Why are payments not passed through to the owner when made by the renter?
  • Why can't I just email my renter?

We created myhabi to be a fair-fee platform that encourages direct interaction. Since our focus is on repeat renters, we also made myhabi an invitation-only based platform. Owners control who sees photos and information about their rental properties.

We also think that having one place to keep all the important information about running your house might be very useful. We call this "Private" data. It can be pretty much whatever you want like the phone number for your plumber, pictures, or the serial number of your dishwasher. And you control who can access your Private data.

Have elderly parents or adult special needs children and would like a way to track relevant information about their homes? You can "build" multiple houses on myhabi and keep information segregated by abode.

So, welcome to myhabi!

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How it works

Create a house

The house model creates the basis of using myhabi. Everything else flows from this step.

Build a listing

The rental listing allows you to communicate your house's attributes to your renters. Our template includes:
  • Rental costs
  • Scheduling parameters
  • Pictures
  • Amenities
  • Beds and baths
  • Highlights

Invite guests

myhabi is an invitation based platform. This means that no one but the people that are invited by the owner can see the listing. The process involves:
  1. Owner invites potential renter
  2. Renter requests a rental time period
  3. Owner accepts
  4. Renter makes the initial (50%) payment
  5. Renter makes the final payment
  6. The renter has a great stay!

Add private data

As an optional step, to better manage your house, the owner can add private data:
  • Contacts
  • Additional pictures
  • Appliance S/Ns
  • Paint info by room
  • etc.
You can also create email reminders and share access to private data with a partner or house manager

Data Privacy

Data privacy can be really complicated...or it can be really simple. We choose simple! We do not sell, lend, give, barter, or swap your data with anyone (unless compelled to by law!)

We do:
  • Encrypt passwords.
  • Utilize a 3rd party payment system and leverage their security.

We do NOT:
  • Divulge your information to anyone unless required by law.
  • Track your use of the system.
  • Store your credit card (if fact, your credit card number never touches our server!).
  • Use persistent cookies.

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